INCREDIBLE PHOTOGRAPHS - MICROSCOPIC IMAGES: http://scienceinquirer.wikispaces.com/Microscope

An excellent, FREE online scientific calculator with conversion ability: http://www.ecalc.com/calculator/scientific/

A very advanced online calculation helper; if you don't have the formula you need, it can often find the right one if you input the information you have. http://www.wolframalpha.com/

No schoolwide participation in the Science and Engineering Fair of Metro Detroit at Cobo Hall in early 2011 is planned at this time. However, individual students are encouraged to speak with their science teacher if they are interested. Your teacher can help you with a high- quality project and will help you register to be included. There are financial prizes as well as other prizes and recognition for noteworthy projects / students; and it can be interesting and fun :) Please research past winning projects and requirements if you are interested, at www.sefmd.org.

Online science simulations of a wide variety of phenomena are found at www.phet.colorado.edu