Professional Development.

Our highly qualified professional science teachers participate in a variety of professional development activities.

These include Lorraine Monroe BBC configuration, Thinking Maps, and Brain-Based Learning, to name just a few of our training topics.

Inkster High School teachers also benefit from a schoolwide emphasis on Professional Learning Communities (PLC). Teachers intentionally meet with colleagues to share best practice techniques, successes, and difficulties. This occurs every day at school, often multiple times, within our department and throughout the school. We also meet on most Saturdays at the Southfield Public Library to collaborate on pacing, lesson plans, common assessments, and more.

In the news :

Some photos follow.

Principal Roy Harris and Mr. Cannon share ideas with others as part of our Professional Learning Community at the Southfield Public Library on Saturday, March 12, 2011.

Mr. Gautz, Ms. T (of DPS), and Mr. Cannon meet on Sat. March 12 at the Southfield Public Library
Ms. Gall at our PLC on Tuesday, Feb.15 during Winter Break

Department Leader Ms. Davis and her son motivate the team

Southfield Public Library, 3rd floor, last conference room. Feb. 15, 2011

Mr. Cannon in his regular spot at our PLC meeting
March 9, 2011: Detroit Metro Physics Teachers' Association (DMAPT) meeting at Utica High School.
March 9, 2011: Detroit Metro Physics Teachers' Association (DMAPT) meeting at Utica High School. Dr. Ray Brockhaus (center, of the Quarknet program at Wayne State University) is one of several local High School, Middle School, College / University, and pre- service Physics teachers at the semi-annual meeting. Al Gibson, long- time DMAPT VIP, demonstrates a device used to experimentally determine Planck's constant (a pingpong ball with LEDs inside). The bicycle wheel on the table was used in Ms. Gall's presentation of a torque demonstration for physical science classes.