Ms. Gall: Integrated Science 2010- 2011: WEEK 5. Links to files and text on wiki page below:
Daily Class Notes, from week 5: Mon. Oct.4 - Fri. Oct.8 :

Homework: practice problems. F= ma, a= v/t; v= d/t- due Monday Oct 11. INTEGRATED SCIENCE (MRS. GALL, HRS 1&2)
Be sure to write your name, the date, and your hour on the page. Use your own paper and show all of your work please:

1. A force of 20 Newtons is exerted to hold a book in the air. The downward acceleration of gravity is 10 m/s/s. What is the mass of the book in kg? (force in Newtons = mass in kilograms x acceleration in m/s/s)

2. What is the force in Newtons required to hold a 25 kg brick in the air? (same gravity and formula as in #1)

3. A bike travels at a speed of 11 m/s. How far does the bike travel in 8 seconds? (velocity in m/s = distance in m/ time in s)

4. A skateboarder rolls 24 meters in 4 seconds. What is her velocity in m/s?

5. A policeman clocks a car at a speed of 85 mph at exactly 5:00 pm. At exactly 5:06, the same car is traveling at the posted speed limit, 35 mph. Calculate the acceleration of the car in mph/h. The acceleration will be a NEGATIVE number, since the car’s speed is DECREASING. (The formula for acceleration is the change in velocity/ the total time) (to convert minutes into hours, divide the number of minutes elapsed by 60 minutes per hour) (6 minutes = 0.1 hours)

6. A car increases its speed from 0 to 120 mph over the course of 20 minutes. What is the average acceleration of the car, in mph/h?
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