Forensic Science.

This class is taught by Ms. Gall.

IHS Forensics textbook for students: check one out at the library


Tuesday, March 20, 2012:: our first "Technology Tuesday"YOUR ASSIGNMENT:Research online: Visit the "About Us" section of the FBI website.
Find One Main Idea of interest to you and compose a 4+ sentence paragraph to explain the main idea and your interest IN YOUR OWN WORDS...
ORFind 3 - 5 KEY FACTS and state them as 3 - 5 individual complete sentences, IN YOUR OWN WORDS (do not plagiarize!)You Will EMAIL this assignment to me during class to: ... Subject: (your first and last name) FORENSICS (your hour) ... Message: Type your assigned research on the FBI (choose on Main Idea to describe in a full paragraph in your own words or 3 - 5 Key Facts to list in complete individual sentences in your own words) ..*!* This email to me is due during class today. If you are unable to complete this during class, email it before 8 am tomorrow (it will be your homework).

Class materials available here:
Week of March 19 - 23:

signature analysis and comparisons
handwriting analysis and comparisons

anthrax wanted poster from wikipedia; "Amerithrax" FBI investigation fall 2001
envelope from letter sent 2001 (anthrax)
second anthrax letter 2001

Tom Brokaw Anthrax letter from 2001